30. July 2020

Allocare AMS Release 20.3 available (30.07.2020)

Allocare AMS release 20.3 comes with a new Private Equity module. A variety of new transaction types, methods and reporting components have been developed as a part of this module that support the management of Private Equity funds.

In addition, several existing functionalities have been enhanced. The Values Graph, for example, may now be used to show time series values of portfolios corresponding to the investments, and the graph settings may be saved via templates and favorites. The order list can be configured to automatically show updates in current list contents, which is useful when managing trades. Improvement in operating speed of the Reporting 2.0 module is also an important development in this release.

In Allocare WEB, a new and multi-purpose dashboard component ‘PIS Chart’ is now available. The PIS chart allows users to design and create custom components for dashboards. This component will be a helpful tool for relationship managers enabling them to generate summaries and proposals with components specific to their clients and requirements. Moreover, the Notes editor, Breach list and editor are now available via web.

Following are the most prominent developments:

Allocare AMS
  • Private Equity: A new Private Equity module for private equity fund management is available.
  • Order List Refresh: The order list now comes with options to configure an automatic refresh or repeat search to view updated list contents.
  • Reporting 2.0: The Reporting 2.0 module is now available with a twofold improvement in its performance.
  • Morningstar Data Service: The Analysis Tree shows realtime prices delivered by the Morningstar data service.
Allocare WEB
  • PIS Chart: A new and multi-purpose dashboard component ‘PIS Chart’ is available.
  • Notes Editor: Portfolio and client notes can be added or changed directly via the web application.
  • Breach List and Editor: Breaches can be viewed and edited via the web application.

These and several other interesting new features and developments are described in the remaining chapters of this document.

Important: Support for some obsolete file types from the GDF feed will be discontinued from release 20.9 onwards. These are: P02, P08, P09, P12 and P13.