31. October 2019

Allocare AMS Release 19.9 available (31.10.2019)

For Allocare AMS Release 19.9, the focus has been to support our customers in meeting new requirements from the Financial Institution Act (FinIA) and the Financial Services Act (FinSA), more commonly known as the FINIG and FIDLEG regulations in German-speaking regions. We are introducing checklists that are meant to support clients in regulating information exchange, both internally and externally. This new module may also be utilized for other business cases like onboarding in general, or for complying with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML). The checklists can be viewed as well as edited in Allocare WEB. This makes checklists the first editing capability in Allocare WEB.

Another effort towards making information exchange processes efficient for clients is the investment proposal functionality. It supports in the process of defining a custom proposal for existing or new clients with options to execute checks and generate reports. Eleven new report modules have been developed as a part of this functionality.

The possibility to add notes (including documents) to investment proposals as well as to orders is also an important new feature. Furthermore, balloon tips are now available for order editors showing information on the selected portfolio. These new features together with the existing order defaulting and pre-trade check functionality will support clients in the processes required by FINIG/FIDLEG.

Following are the most prominent developments:

Allocare AMS Portfolio
  • Checklists: Checklists provide a formal mechanism within Allocare AMS Portfolio and Allocare WEB to track and fulfil any obligations concerning portfolios or legal entities specifically concerning the FIDLEG and FINIG regulations.
  • Investment Proposal (IP): The investment proposal functionality provides support in the process of composing comprehensive proposals and managing feedbacks.
  • New Methods: New methods have been developed for explaining the gain/loss amounts.
Allocare WEB
  • Checklists: Checklists defined in the Allocare AMS Portfolio application can also be managed via Allocare WEB.

Allocare AMS Integration
  • FXall (Refinitiv): For efficient FX Trading it is now possible to send orders directly to FXall (Refinitiv).
  • DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation): To simplify the customer settlement processing an interface between Allocare AMS and the DTCC-CTM Message Translation Interface (MTI) has been developed.