27. December 2018

Allocare AMS Release 18.9 available

For Allocare AMS release 18.9, we aim at improving the users’ experience with our application by enabling them on one hand to accomplish tasks efficiently and on the other hand to be on top of their data just with a glance of precisely designed summaries.

The ‘Usability’ project was initiated for operative efficiency and an ease in using the application for end-users. It covers several enhancements for simplifying the user tasks e.g. a new option to view time series directly from investment definition without having to detour over to the investment object list. A flexible order list with greater possibilities to include and arrange order data is also a part of this project. We will continue this initiative in the coming releases based on customer requirements.

We address the managers’ need to view an abridged version of their required data by introducing a more specialized dashboard component ‘Portfolio Information Summary’ in Allocare WEB. Providing information at a glance is our idea behind this new functionality. The new visualization feature ‘Sparklines’ (introduced in both Allocare WEB and reporting) allows conveying more about the data within a quick scan. Portfolio statistics calculations based on transaction and movements, or custom procedures support this powerful component on the backend.

Another highlight of this release is our cooperation with IBO that lets our customers perform an IBO performance check directly from Allocare WEB. IBO is an independent organization that offers a platform for comparing and monitoring portfolios (https://www.ibo.swiss).

Following are the most prominent developments:

Allocare AMS
  • Usability: The application has been enhanced in various areas with new or supplementary options in order to improve user experience and efficiency.
  • Transaction Tickets: Users can print tickets for different transaction types directly from the transaction list similar to the Trade Tickets functionality.
  • New Reporting 2.0 Modules: A variety of new modules are available for composing reports.
Allocare WEB
  • Portfolio Information Summary (PIS): Users now have the possibility to configure summarized views of their required data by means of a new component in the Page Composer Toolbox.
  • IBO Performance Check: The IBO Performance Watcher has been integrated to the Allocare WEB application providing clients an opportunity to compare a portfolio to a chosen level of risk and performance.