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Allocare AG, Gartenstrasse 32, CH-8002 Zurich
Phone +41 62 748 65 65
Allocare AMS Web

Allocare AMS Web

Allocare AMS Web allows a simple, fast and customisable online access via the internet to an Allocare AMS database in your look&feel. A secured access to Allocare AMS data from anywhere is assured.

Allocare AMS Web requires Allocare AMS.

Key Functionality

Portfolio overview for any date with breakdown facilities

Asset allocation with specific breakdowns - with/without benchmark comparison

Cash flow analysis and maturity analysis

Inventory with search function

Reporting of Unrealised Gain/Loss

Sophisticated transaction search (filtered, year to date, .)

Compliance monitoring for legal and contractual constraints (pre-calculated or on-the-fly)

Performance measurement on portfolio or asset category level - with/without benchmark comparison

Analysis Matrix: two-dimensional analysis (%/absolute) based on definable cirtearias (rows/columns)

Analysis Tree: Powerful instrument for flexible portfolio analysis: returns, ratings, risk figures and many more can
  be displayed on aggregated or on investement level. Templates facilitate daily work.

Risk analysis with key figures and risk/return profile

Download of generated report books

On the fly output to printer and export to excel or pdf

Working lists and user-specific settings for efficient work and fast analysis of portfolio

Available in four languages (German, English, French, Italian) with context-sensitive online help

Secure access through our standard authentication systems (trusted or silent logon) or existing client specific

Customer specific look&feel (fonts, colors)


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