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Allocare AG, Gartenstrasse 32, CH-8002 Zurich
Phone +41 62 748 65 65
Allocare AMS

Allocare AMS (Asset Management Suite)

Allocare AMS meets the wide ranging demands of modern asset management beginning with the definition of investment strategies, through the comprehensive order management functionality (single / collective orders, rebalancing against model portfolios) with integrated constraints monitoring to recording of all trade transactions for any fund and/or portfolio. The Allocare AMS performance measurement and risk analysis tools (analysis tree, analysis matrix) offer views on all relevant information (e.g. fund of funds) and ensure the necessary transparency during the complete order process. Thereby it offers the user the choice of viewing any position with any desired criteria and methods for every day and/or for any period on the fly. The flexible reporting facilities generate added values for you and your clients. Moreover, Allocare AMS covers fund laws for Germany (KAGB/DerivateV), Luxemburg (UCITS IV) and Austria (InvFG) and supports GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) as well as Swiss BVV2.

Allocare AMS can easily be integrated into existing IT landscapes and offers standard interfaces to market data providers (SIX Financial Information, Bloomberg), to core banking systems (Avaloq, finnova, Olympic) and to more than ten different custodian banks.

The functionality of Allocare AMS is continuously being enhanced to keep up with market trends and to suit
client-specific requirements.

Key Functionality

Trade Order Management
  Transaction Management
  Simulation, single and collective orders, block orders, rebalancing against model portfolios, cash sweeping

    Recording of all transactions and/or holdings for all asset classes incl. non bankable assets

Portfolio Analysis
  Automated Client Reporting
  Detailed on the fly analysis on portfolio or any consolidation level, portfolio comparison, various ratios incl. drill-down functionality (fund of funds), full breakdown flexibility

    More than 70 standard reports in 4 different languages (English, German, French, Italian) available, modular management summaries, support of GIPS

Compliance Monitoring
  Rule sets (BVV2, KAGB/DerivateV, VAG, UCITS IV, InvFG) for Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria and contractual constraints, pre- and post-trade checks

    Automated calculation of transaction fees, management fees and performance fees based on models

Corporate Actions
  Risk Management
  Managing of events and generating the resulting CA transactions (currently around 20 CAs supported)

    VaR analysis with back testing (historic, Monte Carlo, RiskMetrics), scenarios, stress tests

Performance Management
  Flexible Portfolio Valuation
  TWR/MWR/IRR on any level, Contribution/Attribution, FIA, variable return policies

    Valuation with any price time series (market data providers / custodians)


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