Allocare AG, Kantonsstrasse 3, CH-6246 Altishofen
Phone +41 62 748 65 65
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Allocare AG, Gartenstrasse 32, CH-8002 Zurich
Phone +41 62 748 65 65
Company Profile

Our Company

Allocare is a leading producer of asset management software in the German-speaking countries. Since 1997 the professional standard package Allocare AMS has been continuously enhanced and is successfully used by about 50 clients in various segments. Allocare AMS and Allocare AMS Web meet the highest quality standards in asset management, such as analysis, order processing, client reporting, risk management (VaR) as well as legal/contractual constraints monitoring, and web access.

The Swiss company employs at its headquarters in Altishofen (Lucerne) and at its subsidiary in Zurich currently 37 employees, thereof more than half in development.

Allocare cooperates with specialised partner companies in Switzerland and in Germany.

Our Products

Allocare AMS (Asset Management Suite)

Allocare AMS TOM (Trade Order Management functionality of Allocare AMS)

Allocare AMS Web (Access to Allocare AMS data via web browser)


Our Services

Development (Allocare AMS, Allocare AMS Web, Interfaces)

Consulting (Analysis, Concept)

Integration (Implementation, Project Management)

Support (Allocare AMS, Allocare AMS Web, Interfaces)


Our Experience

Our team of financial experts and software development specialists has many years of experience in asset
management. The asset management solution is continuously being enhanced and guarantees a successful