Allocare AG, Kantonsstrasse 3, CH-6246 Altishofen
Phone +41 62 748 65 65
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Allocare AG, Gartenstrasse 32, CH-8002 Zurich
Phone +41 62 748 65 65
Company Overview

The Expert Solution for Asset Management

The globalisation of markets and the increasing number of new financial instruments, regulations, and customer
demands contribute to asset management becoming increasingly complex. In order to provide effective support
to the wide variety of processes involved in portfolio management, software solutions which are capable of
illustrating and analysing all transactions in detail are required.

Due to the generally accepted theoretical principles of asset management, a de facto standard for investment
activity has already developed. This is a growing trend, thanks to the spreading and recognition of international
performance standards.

Allocare AMS is an asset management solution thoroughly structured to meet the needs of contemporary
portfolio management.